Our Coverage Area

Through snow, mud and loose cattle, Mountain Midwives will do our best to get to your home birth. Our specialty is serving the rural communities of southeastern Montana and northern Wyoming.

Where is your home?  Mountain Midwives make housecalls.  If you live anywhere within 150 miles of Billings, most likely we can attend your child’s birth, in your own home.

Nobody can predict how long a woman will be in labor.  We will prepare you to recognize the early signs of labor, so you can call in plenty of time.  Every effort will be made to assure a professionally attended delivery in the comforts of your own home.  We have four-wheel drive, for those seasons and roads that require it.  And we know how to drive fast!

We will work with you to develop sensible birth plans, including emergency strategies, maps, distance to the nearest medical facility, and other individual considerations, in order to secure the safest and most practical birth.

If your home is too remote, please consider coming to Billings a few days before your due date, and renting our apartment short-term, as your “home away from home” in which to have your baby.  Please call to learn more about this option.