Birth Classes

Mountain Midwives’ childbirth classes are amazing! We meet for a full weekend get-away, enjoying excellent food, friendship and quality education on natural childbirth.  Our focus is on home birth, the safety, the preparation, the possibilities.  Unlike the typical Lamaze classes, we do not teach you how to breathe. You have been breathing quite successfully for a long time.

We emphasize self-determination, learning to make choices about your pregnancy and your child’s birth based on your own values and priorities. You will hear us say many times, “It’s your baby”. This is the most important concept we try to teach. It is a critical step in entering parenthood.

Claim your role as a mom or dad… boldly! You can decide for yourself whether you prefer home or hospital birth, whether you want a medicated or a drug-free delivery, whether you will bottle-feed or breastfeed. There are no wrong or right answers, as long as they are your answers. New parents — even experienced parents — are faced with the opinions of well-meaning , but un-informed relatives, professionals, and peers, right from the start. Be open to the input of those who care for you, and to the wisdom of those you respect. Then make up your own mind. Learn all that you can.

Safety statistics on homebirth, relaxation techniques, birthing anatomy and physiology, setting up the birth environment, natural baby care, and many more lessons are presented by experienced midwives.  This always triggers lively discussions among the expectant moms and dads.  Birth movies are shown, hands-on demonstrations are enjoyed, and new friendships are kindled.  New homebirth parents drop in to share their story about their own new baby’s birth. We offer the seminar three times a year.

Rock Creek Resort

The location for our childbirth class is Rock Creek Resort, south of Red Lodge, Montana. The setting is perfect for a cozy couples’ retreat, complete with an indoor pool and hot tub, gorgeous mountains all around and beautiful starry nights.  Bring your swim suit, if you’d like to soak for awhile.  Bring a camera too, and maybe some good hiking boots.  We’ll give you enough time to enjoy the environment, as you learn about birth and babies.