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me and baby raeganPat Schwaiger is a Registered Nurse, and a Certified Professional Midwife.  Delivering babies for 35 years, she is licensed by both Montana and Wyoming.  She is a homebirth mother herself, with four grown children, and five grandchildren.  She is a preceptor for the National College of Midwifery and the Midwifery College of Utah. Pat currently presides as Chairperson for the Wyoming State Board of Midwifery.   Cell phone:  406-665-7144  


Tricia Zahn is a Montana Licensed Midwife.  She is a graduate of the Mountain Midwives’ School.  She is the mother of five children, including a set of twins.  Tricia is a member of the Midwives’ Alliance of North America and the Montana Midwives’ Association.                Cell phone:  406-200-1625



Nikki Tetrault is an apprentice midwife and homebirth mother of four.  She grew up in Billings, Montana, and then graduated from the Port Townsend School of Massage in Washington state.  She is also a Certified Doula.  Nikki is gifted with a keen intuition, and is usually “spot on” with her midwifery assessments.  She has kindness in her hands and encouragement in her words.


jackieJackie Lopez is a midwifery student enrolled at the Midwifery College of Utah, and a graduate of Rocky Mountain college.  She is also one of our apprentices.  Jackie lives in Gillette, Wyoming with her husband and homeborn daughter.  When we attend births in Wyoming, Jackie is always there assisting us.  Jackie plans to practice midwifery in Gillette and the surrounding communities, after completing her training with MCU and Mountain Midwives.


Lacy Mansfield has served as an EMT for eight years, an excellent foundation for an aspiring midwife.  She has now completed her training with the National College of Midwives and with Mountain Midwives.  She and her family have recently moved to Guernsey, Wyoming.  Upon licensure there, she will serve southeastern Wyoming, particularly the Wheatland-Cheyenne communities.


Heather Bomb is our office manager.  Heather is the glue that holds this practice together, as she handles scheduling, billing, birth certificates, and all the organizing that this midwifery work demands.  She is a homebirth mother of three young ones, and still manages to serve as an outstanding Certified Doula at hospital births as well as home births. She is flexible and yet solid, regardless of the situation.  We would be lost without this woman!


Janell GibsonJanell Gibson is a Licensed Midwife and the owner of Big Sky Midwifery in Columbus, Montana.  She is a homebirth mother of four, and a graduate of the Mountain Midwives’ School.  Janell provides backup for us, in the event that Pat or Tricia is not available.  In turn, they provide backup for Big Sky Midwifery when needed.  It’s comforting to know that every client will be cared for and that we can all rely on another skilled midwife, who practices with similar values and protocols.


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