Birthing Suite

“The Stork’s Nest” is a suite adjacent to our prenatal clinic, where clients may deliver, for a home (like) birth … away from home.

We have been attending home births for a long time, and this will continue to be our focus.  However for some couples, choosing to deliver at home may be difficult, due to distance factors or an unsuitable housing situation.  There are also folks who want an out-of-hospital birth, but are not comfortable with the idea of giving birth at home.  Mountain Midwives are willing to combine our skills in natural birth, with our newly remodeled space, to accommodate these people.

Our suite includes a beautiful birthing room, complete with a large tub for relaxation during labor, and/or water birth.  A cozy fireplace warms the other side of the room.  There’s plenty of floor space for squatting, dancing, or trying out any of your instinctual positions for birth.  The Stork’s Nest also includes a roomy kitchen, and a private bathroom with a shower.  The living room is just down the hall, and is furnished with comfy sofas and board games for those longer labors.  This separate area is perfect for family or friends who want to support your birth experience, but don’t want to actually participate in the birth.  The entire area is set up with XM radio and Wi-Fi.