Mountain Midwives maintain the age old tradition of midwifery, in service to families across southeastern Montana and northern Wyoming.   Ours is a personalized and low-tech practice, primarily focused on home birth.

Unlike the overworked medical folks, we are able to spend ADEQUATE TIME with our clients.  We consider this to be essential in preparing them physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally for their role as new parents.  We openly honor each family’s spiritual and cultural roots, as perfect road maps for their journey through pregnancy and birth.

Mountain Midwives are state licensed and nationally certified.  We are trained, equipped and experienced (Pat Schwaiger, owner, has been delivering babies  in their parents’ homes for 30 years).

But it is the MOTHER who is the star of this show.  It is the MOTHER who gives birth, and who actually “delivers”.   We are only there to help.

That’s what midwives do.  We help people … out.

Maeve 4

Maeve, born at home in Billings


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